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  The Cellar
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The Cellar is the timeless place to meet my old friends. It's many people's first stop in town when coming back to visit. Sit upstairs for the bands and lack of smoke, sit downstairs for the beer and to watch the Simpsons. The pita pizza is the classic budget food and the veggie sub is also great. Try the pita chips and spinach dip when you get snacky.

Gillies is another old-timer, but has changed a lot. All vegetarian food and a nice feel. It's fancier, and probably cleaner, than it used to be, but it still ain't that fancy or clean. It's come a long ways, and despite getting rid of the ice cream, it's still a great place.
153 College Ave
Blacksburg, VA
Phone: (540) 961-2703

Emilio's Felafel and other Middle Eastern food. It has no atmosphere, but in kind of a good way. I actually like the McDonald's style plastic tables in the former bank. The food is pretty good. Taking into consideration that it's really a fast food joint, the food is fantastic. I usually eat there once a visit.

The Homeplace, way down in the valley in Catawba is the place to go when the parents visit or for big groups. As long as vegetarianism isn't too high on everybody's priority list it's great. It's an old farm house that has been converted into a restaurant. There are many rooms (sorry, no theme rooms) but few choices. It's very traditional home-cooking style food. If i remember correctly, everybody collectively chooses two meats (from three) and two veggies and a dessert. Then they just keep bringing the food out til you've burst your gut. The biscuits are great and a vegetarian doesn't need to stay home if a bunch of meathead friends want to go, they'll just have to eat biscuits and veggies. This is where all the students have their parents take them when they pop in for a visit.

Witness protection pizza in Ironto, i think that it's called Ironto Pizza or something like that, but it doesn't matter, because there's nothing else in the area. The name stems from the question "What the hell are some Italians doing making real Italian pizza in the middle of nowhere?" (i.e. Ironto)


Liquid (see one side of the menu)
Great sandwiches downtown off the pedestrian shopping street. The bread is fresh and the fare is pretty damned healthy. I didn't see a single Chevy truck with a "Beef, it's what's for dinner" bumper sticker anywhere near there. I wonder why?
109 Second Street SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902

I took a picture of some Diner, but i forgot the name and can't find the picture. Kyung said that it was good, typical modern diner fare.


Richmond is just full of great places. My sister lives there and I'm going to try and get her to fill me in on some more great places.
Maja and Andy took me to a place called Kuba-Kuba. I really liked the food and the atmosphere. The menu is broad, yet there's not much on it, but that's OK, 'cause it's all pretty good. There's Cuban food, sandwiches, some pasta and more. There are lots of seafood possibilities and a couple of vegetarian. The sandwiches are great. Several people had the codfish sandwich and really liked it. We didn't try any of the desserts because the portions are pretty good sized, but they sounded appealing. They also have t-shirts and two walls of food products and candles from Cuba, well i guess that they may be hispanic products rather than strictly Cuban. Go before noon or before six: There aren't many seats and they get filled quickly. Singles or pairs can sit at the bar and wait or eat. Everybody else has to wait, and the wait can be long.
Kuba-Kuba Restaurant and Bodega
(804) 355-8817
1601 Park Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220's revue of Kuba Kuba's revue of Kuba Kuba

Cary street has just tons of stuff. I have walked around a lot, but have only eaten at Nacho Mama's (pretty good, and no, it's not a pun) and went out to Cary something bar, near Boulevard (grateful dead stuff all over the walls, ska music, and yuppie clientel the night that i was there. Maybe you can figure it out.)

The Positive Vibe Café is a training restaurant that provides a facility for people with disabilities to learn basic food service skills, which will aid them to secure employment. My sister lives there and told me about it. She says that the food is great. Several area chefs, food service consultants, physical and occupational therapists have collaborated to formulate an effective training curriculum and a great menu. See articles at their website and here.

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