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Moab, Utah

I drove to Moab in 1989 with JD Calhoun, back when my college grades were suffering because of how much riding I was doing. I loved it and came back for all of October and caught a great fat tire festival, back when they still included halloween.

After those two visits, I didn't come back til 2000 with Dagmar and Leon (9 years old at the time) for their first time in the states. We were going to attempt the slickrock trail, but realized that it was way over his head. We did the practice loop and he just loved it. Check out my Moab trail guides. I came back summer of 2001 to start on this site and do some video and mapping. Now that I live in Denver, I'm out here all the time. Do you need a ride on weekends?

For more up-to-date information check Moab Happenings website, or, if you're already in Moab, get the free newspaper Moab Happenings at most hotels and restaurants.

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