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Russian 'servings':

Tourist Basic
 Printable Booklet (132kb)
Grammar & Pronunciation
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Learn Russian

Listen & practice anywhere you go!

mp3 for education

Download free mp3 audio files of real native speakers, then start learning! Listen to the files as mp3s or copy them to tape, cd, or minidisc and the possibilities are unlimited. Each phrase is spoken once in English and then spoken twice in the foreign language, with time in between for you to repeat aloud. Each audio file matches a section in the printable booklets. Use them together to learn spelling and pronunciation!

Sorry! No Russian audio is available yet.
Tourist Basic Tourist Basic booklet = 4 sections  Basics mp3 audio (3.9 MB )
 Introductions mp3 audio (4.0 MB )
 Shopping/Directions mp3 audio (3.8 MB )
 Numbers mp3 audio (1.5 MB )
 Alphabet mp3 audio (1.4 MB )
  • Practice at home
  • Play them while you work
  • Take them with you on your trip
  • Study them on the flight
  • Brush up in the train
  • Use your imagination!

The future of music is solid state. Music players using mp3 are getting cheaper and more popular. Just like tape and cd players, educational programs are starting to find their way onto this new format. Single-serving gives you the latest technology absolutely free.

Most computers already have all the necessary software installed. If you don't, the links here will lead you to a wide variety of choices. The two most popular players for the windows platform seem to be Winamp (nice & simple) and MusicMatch (full-featured, my favorite). If you're using a mac, iTunes is the way to go. iTunes is free and pretty good.

Learn Russian