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Online dictionaries:
MTA SZTAKI: English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English Online Dictionary
From my brief tour, this dictionary seemed to be a cut above the rest. Well laid out, even though it uses frames, which I don't like, but it works so well, I have no room to complain.'s online two-way dictionary. Also works well and has a good wordset, but has annoying advertising and an ugly interface.

If you can't cuss and swear in Hungarian, you ain't szar! (The Alternative Dictionaries project)

Hungarian Alphabet 0.1
letter   example meaning
A a   Anya Mother
Á á   Álmos Sleepy
B b   Barát Friend
C c   Cipő Shoe
Cs cs   Család Family
D d   Diák Pupil/Student
Dz dz   Bodza Elderberry1
Dzs dzs   Dzsem Jam
E e   Ebéd Lunch
É é   Élelmiszeráruház Supermarket
F f   Fa Tree
G g   Gulyásleves Goulash soup
Gy gy   Gyerekek Children
H h   Holnap Tomorrow
I i   Igen Yes
Í í   Írország Ireland
J j   Jövő héten Next week
K k   Kicsi Small
L l   Lehet? May I?
Ly ly   Lyuk Hole
M m   Ma Today
N n   Nagy Big
Ny ny   Nyitva Open
O o   Orvos Doctor
Ó ó   Óra Clock
Ö ö   Öreg Old
Ő ő   Ősz Autumn
P p   Pass Passport
Q q   ? -
R r   Reggeli Breakfast
S s   Sör Beer
Sz sz   Szoba Room
T t   Lake
Ty ty   Tyúk Chicken
U u   Utca Street
Ú ú   Útlevél Passport
Ü ü   Ünnep Festival
Ű ű   Űr Space
V v   Vonat Train
W w2   Whisky2 Whisky
X x   Xylophon Xylophone
Y y3   ?3 -
Z z   Zárva Closed
Zs zs   Zsámoly Stool
  pocket dictionary
Buy Hungarian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar. If your not just travelling to Hungary, but really want to learn the language, check this grammar guide out.
Buy Hungarian: A Complete Course for Beginners (Teach Yourself (Book and Cassette)). I used this book along with private instruction and thought that it was pretty good. I didn't use anything else except what my teacher provided. I didn't learn as much as I would have liked, but that was mostly my fault. Other people don't like this series very well. Perhaps it doesn't do well as sold source, but if you are combining it with something else, it works well.
These books are sold in association with See all of my recomended books for learning Hungarian and travelling in Hungary.
1 For some reason Elderberry is much more commonly referenced in Hungary than in the United States. Apparently, quite some time ago, peasants would make a jam out of it. I've been told it was a deep black and stained clothing like nothing else. Children would then mix this with soda water to create a drink. Interestingly enough, when I was there last, the Hungarian Fanta Division had put out a Bodza flavor. It was actually really good.
2 W appears only when something has been taken from another language, usually (always?) from English. But it should be noted that it is pronounced like w would be in German, so the equivalent of the English v.
3 Y can appear (like w) when something has been taken from English, but more commonly it appears in names ("Gyula Krudy"). It is tricky here because when it appears in names it sounds exactly like the Hungarian "i". When it appears in words borrowed from English ("yamgyökér"[yam]), it sounds like the English y.