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Print a Free Pocket-Sized Phrase Booklet

Print your own phrase guide with any laser or inkjet printer. The booklet has about 100 words and phrases divided into four sections, as seen on the left.


Select paper size:

 US Letter sized Phrase Guide (USA/Canada, 8.5x11 inch)*
 DIN A4 sized Phrase Guide (Europe/world, 210x297 mm)*

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Fold, Cut, and start practicing!

(Listen to the matching mp3 audio files for pronunciation.)

Each wallet-sized booklet (pictured here) prints on a single sheet of paper and requires only folding and one cut - no staples or glue. After printing the booklet, download the matching mp3 audio files and use them together to hear each word or phrase spoken by a native speaker!

Viewing and printing requires Adobe Acrobat ®. Almost all computers already have it installed. If the file can't open on your computer, click on the yellow button to download Acrobat Reader directly from Adobe:

If my print booklets don't satisfy your needs, then consider buying some of these resources for German travel and language learning. These books are sold in association with

*for more information on paper sizes, see this overly detailed overview and history of International Standard Paper Sizes.

German Phrases

If you need to Learn German Fast, we recommend the German Courses from Languagetrainers. Cities avialable are:

Schau ins Land is a monthly audio and print magazine on a variety of topics delivered on CDs along with accompanying booklets. The format is a little much for beginners, but once you're able to understand some of the language, this is probably one of the best methods of learning, next to having willing native speakers around! In addition to the magazine stories, there is music with the lyrics in the booklets, and a vocabulary section that covers the vocabulary that is used in the articles to better help you understand what you are hearing and reading. Subscribe
- highly recommended

Read Mark Twain's wonderfully sarcastic essay on The Awful German Language.

Deutche Welle has all sorts of German content, but most importantly, they have a great Learning German language section.

Join a German Language Meetup in your town.