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The German Alphabet

  letter   example meaning
A a Apfel apple
Ä ä Ärger anger
B b Buch book
C c Ceasar Ceaser
D d Dorf village/town
E e Ende end
F f frisch fresh
G g ganz completely
H h Haus house
I i innen inside
J j Jacke jacket
K k Katze cat
L l Lampe lamp
M m Mutter mother
N n nicht not
O o Obst fruit
Ö ö Ökonomie economy
P p Pass passport
Q q Quelle source
R r Rad wheel
S s Suppe soup
T t Tisch table
U u Uhr clock/o'clock
Ü ü Überblick overview
V v Vater father
W w Wasser water
X x Xylophon xylophone
Y y Yoghurt yoghurt
Z z Zahn tooth
ß Straße street
digraphs (letter combinations)
ch täglich daily
sch Schule school

German Phrases

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Read Mark Twain's wonderfully sarcastic essay on The Awful German Language.

Deutche Welle has all sorts of German content, but most importantly, they have a great Learning German language section.

Join a German Language Meetup in your town.

Download the full German Alphabet mp3 Audio (1.3 MB)

Listen to the audio and follow along in the printable booklet.