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Free Audio by Native Speakers


The best way to listen to single-serving mp3's is definitely on an iPod from Apple. I use mine more for languages and podcasts than for music!


Listen & practice anywhere you go!

  • Practice at home
  • Play them while you work
  • Take them with you on your trip
  • Study them on the flight
  • Brush up in the train
  • Use your imagination!


mp3 for education


Download free mp3 audio files of real native speakers, then start learning! Listen to the files as mp3s or copy them to tape, cd, or minidisc and the possibilities are unlimited. Each phrase is spoken once in English and then spoken twice in the foreign language, with time in between for you to repeat aloud. Each audio file matches a section in the printable booklets. Use them together to learn spelling and pronunciation!


French Audio

Tourist Basic booklet = 4 sections  Basic Phrases mp3 audio (3.5 MB )
 Introductory Phrases mp3 audio (2.2 MB )
 Phrases Around Town mp3 audio (3.6 MB )
 French Numbers mp3 audio (1.3 MB )

 French Alphabet mp3 audio (1.4 MB )

French Phrases

To improve your French with a native teacher you can Learn French with LanguageTrainers. Cities available are:

Champs-Elysées is a monthly audio and print magazine on a variety of topics delivered on CDs along with accompanying booklets. The format is a little much for beginners, but once you're able to understand some of the language, this is probably one of the best methods of learning, next to having willing native speakers around! In addition to the magazine stories, there is music with the lyrics in the booklets, and a vocabulary section that covers the vocabulary that is used in the articles to better help you understand what you are hearing and reading. Subscribe
- highly recommended

Join a French Language Meetup in your town.