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Albanian 'servings':

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Grammar & Pronunciation
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letter   example meaning
A a   Autobus Bus
B b   Banane Banana
C c   Cigare Cigarette
  aj Tea
D d   Danimarkë Denmark
Dh dh   dhe and
E e   Europë Europe
Ë ë   Ëmbël Sweet
F f   Finlandë Finland
G g   Greci Greece
Gj gj   Gjermani Germany
H h   Holandë Holland
I i   Itali Italy
J j   Jugosllavi Yugoslavia
K k   Kosovë Kosovo
L l   Letër Letter/Paper
Ll ll   Lloj (-i, -ra) Kind, Sort
M m   Maqedoni Macedonia
N n   Norvegji Norway
Nj nj   Një One
O o   Organizuar Organized
P p   Poloni Poland
Q q   Qen Dog
R r   Restorant Restaurant
Rr rr   Rrugë Street
S s   Spanjë Spain
Sh sh   Shaka Joke
T t   Tigër Tiger
Th th   Thes Sack
U u   Ura Bridge
V v   Vojvodinë Vojvodina
X x   Xixe Spark
Xh xh   Xhep Pocket
Y y   Ynë Our
Z z   Zebër Zebra
Zh zh   Zhurmë Noise
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