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Albanian 'servings':

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Grammar & Pronunciation

I was assisted by Dina. The audio was spoken by Dina as well.

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In Your Pocket has great guides to Central and Eastern Europe. Check out their Albania, and Tirana In Your Pocket guides. Order one ahead of time, or ask for them in kiosks in Tiranan. They are cheap, up-to-date, and full of good info.

Albanian Phrase Guides

Quickly learn essential Albanian phrases for travelling, in easy single-serving doses! Great for beginners!

  Each "serving" is composed of:  
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    Albanian is spoken in Albania, Kosovo, and parts of Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece. Albanian is it's own branch of the Indo-European languages and is believed to be a descendant of Illyrian. There are two main dialects of spoken Albanian: Gheg (northern Albania and Kososvo) and Tosk (Southern Albania). The official, literary language of Albania is a mixture of the two, slightly biased towards the Tosk. The speaker in the recordings is from central Albania, where the spoken language is most similar to the literary language.

    My goal is for single-serving to be a one-stop shop for Albanian foreign language needs for tourists, travellers, business, self-learners, or anyone with an interest in languages. When you are done looking at the site, download the MP3 Audio file and print the Acrobat Booklet. You can use them together anywhere: at work or home on your computer or on the road with a portable mp3 player. You can even copy the audio to CD or tape and take it with you on your travels. Practice the pronunciation before you travel and then just carry the booklet with you. Look at what's here and use it for travel or learning. If you have any problems or suggestions, please e-mail me.

    One of the reasons that I began doing this site, was the difficulty I had using the phoenetic pronunciations given in most phrase guides. The problem is that either one has to learn the international phoenetic alphabet, or guess how the author thinks that someone would pronounce certain letter combinations. I avoid phoenetics and use audio from real native speakers. There is no mistaking how a word should be pronounced. Only knowing a word or phrase is half the battle; you must be able to be understood. Hearing a native pronounce the words is the greatest aid to pronunciation. Practice is the key to learning (as if your parents haven't been telling you that all along). Go to Albania and speak! Don't let them speak English with you!

    Jancada also has a good foreign language page for Albanian