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FREE mp3 audio & wallet-sized phrase guides

Quickly learn essential phrases and words for travelling, in easy single-serving doses! Great for beginners!

  Each "serving" is composed of:  
wallet-sized phrase guides

 Print it!

One printable booklet with 4 sections. Over 100 words and phrases total. Each section has a matching web page and mp3 file.

 Hear It Later!

mp3 phrase guides
Each section has a 2-3 minute long Mp3 audio file that you can store and listen to anywhere. About 30 phrases per section, includes the English.
on-line phrase guides

 Hear It Now!

On the web page for each section, you can click each word or phrase to hear it! All audio is from native speakers.

Mountain Bike
Trail Guides

I have some solid info on Moab, Utah mountain biking, and the Kokopelli trail. The Denver Colorado Mountain Biking page is rapidly gaining more content.

  Each trail area will soon have:  

maps Printable Trail Maps

Maps that you can print and take with you, in your pocket or handlebar map case.

gps waypoints GPS Waypoints

Download waypoint lists and routes that you can put into your GPS.

videos Videos

Videos of the rides to either see what it's going to be like, or to show others what it was like.

Latitude 40 and other mountain bike trail maps and guide books are now available at the new 2Pedal.com store.

map & guide combo

Special Deals on Map and Guide Combos available now.


I have been travelling a lot these last couple of years, so I've decided to start taking notes. This is a small beginning of info on places that I have been. Some of the places I may have only visited once, for a couple of days, some I may know very well. You'll probably be able to tell which is which:) Enter the Travel Guides (and maps soon!).

I have one write-up from Colin on Morocco, and he's a much better writer than I am, so I hope he'll contribute more. If you have a nice travel article and want to see it here, send it in.

Check out my last big trip: two weeks in Tunisia on a motorcycle with lots of pictures, but I'm not done writing it up yet.